Train-The-Trainer Program

We equip teachers with the latest teaching methodologies and educational philosophy that can ignite students’ passion for learning. In addition, we educate teachers on cutting-edge technologies used in the classroom. With the help of technologies, students can learn more effectively and efficiently.


Module 1

With educational modernization as the guiding ideology, we will study the modern teaching methods and new concepts on curriculum development in American high schools and universities.

  • Overview of the U.S. education system
  • Teaching methods and practices in U.S. high schools
  • Modern curriculum development ideas in U.S. high schools

Module 2

This module aims to assist teachers to further develop their professionalisms in teaching. Teachers will be able to effectively build and exert their leadership and communicative skills.

  • The cultivation of U.S. teacher leadership
  • The successful experience on teacher leadership development
  • The analysis of general and elite education
  • A brief look into various forms of experimental courses

Module 3

Taking lifelong education as the ultimate value, this module focuses on students’ ideological, moral, and psychological development.

  • The theory of learning motivation and teaching strategy
  • Constructivism learning theory and its application in teaching
  • Mental health education in US high schools
  • Personality development and shaping of high school students
  • Inspiration and development on students’ innovative thinking
  • The multimedia teaching method for experimental courses

Module 4

With life care as the core value, the study focuses on STEM courses and art appreciation with the concept of environmental sustainability.

  • Caltech STEM Series Courses 1
  • Caltech STEM Series Courses 2
  • Caltech STEM Series Courses 3
  • Caltech STEM Series Courses 4
  • Organization and management of extracurricular activities

Module 5

With teachers’ self-cultivation as one of the key core values, this module aims to provide global views for teachers by inviting domain experts to share their best practices.


  • Experience sharing and guest speech session 1

  • Experience sharing and guest speech session 2


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