Passion Project

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Passion Project provides students an opportunity to initiate a unique project of their own interest integrating their existing skills and developing new abilities. Students will experiment with innovative ideas and methods to focus on a dedicated idea/plan, solicit assistance from others, establish a team, and utilize various resources to accomplish a predetermined objective. This program helps students persevere and overcome obstacles while diving deeper into the project and documenting the process or result through various online media platforms. It also demonstrates students’ creativity, leadership, curiosity, and impact through an individual project.

Passion Project helps students add a distinctive and unusual aspect to college applications to highlight an applicant’s extraordinary profile.

Enhancing Research Skills

Solidify the research process by compiling research findings and reports. Carry out practical actions based on detailed planning, and make adjustments and improvements in line with the research progress.

Structure for the Research Proposal

By adopting the research process, our advisors can effectively help students transform ideas into actions. Students will be equipped with innovative research methods and logic to complete the project.

Professional Advising Team

Our dedicated advising team will leverage our resources while reaching out to domain experts and professionals to help the students achieve his/her goal.

More than 75% of Harvard students have completed at least one Passion Project in high school and believe it has a great impact on their application results.

– A recent study by Acceptitas

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