Premium Education Platform Methena®

Methena® is an education platform that provides one-stop services for inspiring individuals to get admitted into the universities of their choices.



The name Methena® comes from two of the ancient Greek goddesses, Metis and Athena, who are both associated with wisdom. We combine Metis and Athena into the name Methena® to symbolize wisdom and intelligence.

Methena® is a partner of IEG Global Association, and serves as a direct conduit between top educational resources and high achieving students all over the world.

Online Tutoring

1-on-1 online academic assistance on various subjects and standardized test preparation.

Academic Programs

We provide short-term official programs that help you build your extracurricular profile and stand out among other applicants.

Application Services

Premium admission support by our community to enable students to get admitted into their dream schools.

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