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IEG is here to help – empower low SES students and refine innovative pedagogical approaches with partner universities.


Who We Are

IEG Global Association (IEG) is founded in 2012. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we provide students with financial challenges to receive equal opportunities to participate in all of our Programs. At IEG, we strive to make a difference in this world via education.

We understand there are numerous so-called “short-term top university programs”, where in fact, they are mere “short-term vacation tours”. IEG works directly with top universities to develop challenging programs for students. We don’t believe grades should be the only key indicator on whether you could attend these programs, but more on whether you have the “passion to learn and excel”. Therefore, if you are someone who has a lot of passion to learn and excel, we welcome you to apply to one of our programs!

What We Do

Official Programs

Join one of our many university-certified official programs at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Caltech, Berklee, Brown, and Pratt.

Model Entrepreneur® Competition

Model Entrepreneur® Competition is a global competition that is hosted by the Columbia Business School Venture For All®.


Methena® is an education platform that provides one-stop services for inspiring individuals to get admitted into the universities of their choices.

Helped over 600+ students

Since 2012 we have sponsored over 600 students to attend various programs in the U.S. We continue to develop various customized programs to cater to the ever-changing needs of domestic and international middle school, high school, and college students. We don’t believe grade is the only indicator of how successful a student could turn out to be.

Students Assisted


University Certified Programs

University Partners

"Young entrepreneurs must understand the concept of lifelong learning. In order to identify opportunities and then create an appropriate solution, it takes a deep understanding of relevant knowledge domains as well as understanding of broader context, including social, political, regulatory, cultural, issues."


– Dr. Jack McGourty, Columbia Business School

"Through these science events, our students and researchers contribute to elevating overall science literacy while improving their ability to explain complex topics to diverse audiences. That's critical to their success as they prepare for careers in industry, research, and academia."


– Mitch Aiken, Caltech

"...innovative educational approaches are needed to create the future leaders who will solve them."


– Dr. Fawwaz Habbal, Harvard University

"Medicine advancement will always play a key role in making our lives better. We encourage students of young age to learn more about the subject."


– Dr. Yanmin Yang, Stanford University

"The processes of innovation and music-making are fundamentally the same, both are acts of creation."


– Panos Panay, Berklee College of Music

Upcoming Events


Model Entrepreneur®
Competition – Final Round

MEC brings the most coveted entrepreneur course in the MBA program from Columbia Business School to students interested in entrepreneurship and business.


Venture For All® 2021 Official Online Program

Course content and readings customized to take into account regional cultures, business practices, market trends, and currencies.

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