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    what is ME?

    Model Entrepreneur™, ME, is a global competition hosted by Columbia Business School's Venture For All® Program, with the goal to encourage young talents to stand out from pure imagination and speak out innovative ideas with business feasibility. Unlike any business competitions, ME participants will be able to receive proper guidance and suggestions on their business models through VFA Clubs across the globe. Participants will also have the opportunity to join official programs at Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Caltech, Berklee, and Pratt, to further enhance their entrepreneurship skills.


    key dates:

    First deadline:
    Registration - 2016.9.15-2016.11.21
    Business proposal submission - 2016.11.28
    Finalist announcement and Professor feedback - 2016.12.12

    Second deadline:
    Registration - 2016.12.12-2017.1.23
    Business proposal submission - 2017.1.30
    Finalist announcement and Professor feedback - 2017.2.13

    Powerpoint/video submission deadline - 2017.4.XX (TBD)

    Physical competition at Shanghai High School International Division (3 rounds) - 2017.4.XX



    1. Every team comprises of three to four members with one group leader as a single point of contact with ME. Participants can create their own teams consisting of at least 3 members, or ME will assign members based on participants' geographical regions
    2. Each team member should be a current high school student
    3. Registration price: 700RMB/person (USD$100/person), scan left to pay via Wechat.

    Pay through Paypal here:

    Student Full Name:

    general guidelines:

    1. Each team can only submit one business proposal
    2. Every proposal should be original and not publicized before
    3. Each team should be identified with a team name throughout the competition
    4. Participants found to have committed copyright infringement will be disqualified immediately, there are no exceptions

    Each team should come up with an innovative product or service to make life better, or solve a current social problem.

    CBS VFA's online course:

    To join the on-line courses lectured by Columbia Business School's Venture For All® Professors (with a digital certificate of completion issued by Columbia Business School), please sign up here:

    ME Participants

    Once payment has been received, we will send you your Columbia Business School's ID. You can then log into the website and start taking the course.


    Submission for First/Second deadline (business proposal)
    - Deadlines: 2016.11.28 and/or 2017.1.30 23:59 (Beijing time)
    - All documents should be submitted in either English or Chinese, and in PDF
    - Please submit to: with e-mail title: BP for ME17_xxxx (team name)

    Content of BP
    1. Cover page
    - Team member names
    - Team name

    2. Business plan
    a. how did your team come up with this idea?
    b. describe the current problem or opportunity
    c. describe your proposed solution
    d. who experiences your problem the most, or needs your products?
    e. value proposition


    Submission for final presentation/video
    - Deadline: 2017.4.15 23:59 (Beijing time)
    - All documents should be submitted in English, and in PDF
    - Please submit to: with e-mail title: Final PPT for ME17_xxxx (team name)
    - Download final presentation example here
    - Download financial example here

    Content of final presentation
    Every team should follow the slide requirement below:
    Slide 1
    Cover slide with venture name, logo, video link, and team member names
    Slide 2
    Slide 3
    Business model
    Slide 4
    Customer segment table or customer archetypes
    Slide 5
    Competitors' table or competitor positioning chart
    Slide 6
    SWOT or competitive chess
    Slide 7
    Products or service - what does your product/service looks like, website, drawings, or mocks?
    Slide 8
    Product development issues/timelines
    Slide 9
    Marketing mix
    Slide 10
    Financial highlights/start up capital requirements
    Slide 11
    Team profiles (who you are!)
    Slide 12
    Your next steps (in terms of making this venture happen!)

    Content of video
    Your video should be no longer than 1 minute. It could either showcase your product/service, or be anything that you feel would strengthen your venture idea. Dream big!

    Videos could be created by using

    final round:

    2017.4.22 @ SHSID
    Round I – 30 teams (1-minute video presentation and 3 minutes of Q&A; videos could be created by using
    2-minutes video that includes:
    (Slide 1) cover slide: team name, team member names, school name
    (Slide 2): describes the problem/opportunity.
    (Slide 3): describes your proposed solution.
    (Slide 4): who experiences your problem the most, or need your products?
    (Slide 5): value proposition.

    Round II – 18 teams (5 minutes presentation and 3 minutes of Q&A)
    NO video, use slides! Slides #1-5 plus…
    Slide 6: what’s the market size, and how do you come up with that number?
    Slide 7: do you have any competitions, please elaborate.
    Slide 8: where are your customers? How will you reach them?
    Slide 9: present your product or service (be creative).

    Round III – 8 teams (10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A)
    Slides #1-8 plus…
    Slide 10: how much money would you need to start?
    Slide 11: why is this the right team to do this venture?
    Slide 12: next steps…

    All scoring will be final and the winning teams will be announced on the same day.



    Winning teams will be able to choose to attend any of IEG's official Programs (with certificate of completion and recommendation letter [except Harvard], each team member could choose to attend a different Program).

    IEG will provide scholarship for Program fees under the following structure (does not include air fare, visa fees, or any personal expenses); programs might not be available during the same year:

    1st place – USD $3,000 per person for IEG Programs
    2nd place – USD $2,500 per person for IEG Programs
    3rd place – USD $2,000 per person for IEG Programs
    4th place – USD $1,800 per person for IEG Programs
    5th place – USD $1,500 per person for IEG Programs
    6th-12th place – USD $1,000 per person for IEG Programs

    Additional Winners
    1. Best video – 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    2. Best product/service presentation
    3. Best branding/marketing


    CBS Venture For All® at Shanghai High School International Division (China)

    CBS Venture For All® at NYC Summer and Winter Program (high school and college level)

    Caltech CSA Summer and Winter Program

    Stanford University STEM Program/School of Medicine Internship Program

    Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Experiential Learning Program

Parents and Students
家長與學生 / 家长与学生
Education Partners
教育機構 / 教育机构