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    what is ME?

    Model Entrepreneur®, ME, is a global competition hosted by Columbia Business School's Venture For All® Program, with the goal to encourage young talents to stand out from pure imagination and speak out innovative ideas with business feasibility. Unlike any business competitions, ME participants will be able to receive proper guidance and suggestions on their business models through VFA Clubs across the globe. Participants will also have the opportunity to join official programs at Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Caltech, Berklee, and Pratt, to further enhance their entrepreneurship skills.



    1. Every team comprises of three to four members with one group leader as a single point of contact with ME. Participants can create their own teams consisting of at least 3 members, or ME will assign members based on participants' geographical regions
    2. Each team member should be a current high school student
    3. Registration price: 700RMB/person (USD$100/person), scan left to pay via Wechat.

    Pay through Paypal here:

    Student Full Name:

    general guidelines:

    1. Each team can only submit one business proposal
    2. Every proposal should be original and not publicized before
    3. Each team should be identified with a team name throughout the competition
    4. Participants found to have committed copyright infringement will be disqualified immediately, there are no exceptions

    Each team should come up with an innovative product or service to make life better, or solve a current social problem.

    CBS VFA's online course:

    To join the on-line courses lectured by Columbia Business School's Venture For All® Professors (with a digital certificate of completion issued by Columbia Business School), please sign up here:

    ME Participants

    Once payment has been received, we will send you your Columbia Business School's ID. You can then log into the website and start taking the course.

Parents and Students
家長與學生 / 家长与学生
Education Partners
教育機構 / 教育机构