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California Institute of Technology > Caltech CSA Summer and Winter Program

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Summer 2016 (CTS16)

program dates: July 24th (departure from home country) till August 7th (leave LAX on August 6th), 2016
program location: California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA
application deadlines and submission: May 31st, 2016
applications open: immediately
class size: 30

application process: applications will be reviewed on a rolling admissions basis (i.e. the sooner you submit your application the sooner it will be reviewed and an admissions decision will be made.

online application submission => phone interview => decision e-mailed out => Agreement signed and sent back => submit payment => registration complete

note: all admitted students will need to go through a phone interview

***download application here***

first name:

last name:

birthday (MM/DD/YYYY):


phone: cell



current school / company name:

school / company location:

current grade (not applicable to non-students):

proposed product/service:

(you do not necessary need to have a business concept or product idea; write N/A if this is the case)

current venture name:

(again, write N/A if you do not yet have a venture idea)

emergency contact information:

parent/guardian name (not applicable to candidates above 18 years old):

phone number: day


statement of interest & biography:

statement of interest & commitment to the program

Please use 100-300 words to state your goals in the next six months and why the
Community Science Academy International Program (CSAIP) is critical to you at this time. Why do you want to participate in CSAIP? What do you hope to achieve through the program; are you committed to completing the program?


100-300 word summation of your educational and research ambitions. What do you hope to study in college/school? Have you had any ideas for a technology or science related topic, or have you recognized any opportunities for a new product/service/technology? If so, please describe them in brief.

participant survey:

Please respond to the following questions to the best of your ability. If a section does not apply or you have not yet undertaken it, instead include your plans for completing it. Aim to include 100-150 words per question.

What does engineering mean to you? Describe your commitment to engineering or any field of science. Have you ever thought of creating or researching on a new technology- if so, for how long? What do you think you need to learn or know to be successful?

Describe your research skills: why do you want to be an engineer/scientist/researcher, what research skills and professional/educational experience do you have, and how do you intend to achieve your potential?

What type of specific field of engineering are you most interested in? What does designing and creativity mean to you? What do you think it takes to become a successful engineer?

optional questions:

Do not worry if these do not apply to you- they are not required and are not factored into participant selection. They are asked so that instructors can have an idea of students’ engineering concepts prior to the start of class.

What research opportunity have you identified, and why have you chosen to exploit it? Provide a brief description of your solution (your technology/product/service). What problem does your product, service or technology solve? How does your product, service or technology provide a solution to the problem?

What will it take for you to bring this idea into fruition?

Have you formally embarked upon taking this idea to the next step? If not, do you hope to do so through CSAIP?

participant oaths:

Initial after each stipulation, on the line provided, and hit submit at the end.

If I am accepted into and enrolled in Caltech's CSAIP:

I understand that I am required to participate in all ways and in accordance with the expectations listed in the program guide, and that I must attend all classes and required coaching sessions.

I will attend all additionally required course components and lab work, including but not limited to pre-assignments, lab reports, and final presentations.

I will keep up with the reading assignments, lab journals, and deliverables and will submit all materials by the due date listed in the detailed program offering.

I will reflect instructors’ and coaches’ commentary, feedback, and suggestions from all qualitative and quantitative analyses of my work in my final presentation, and be open to constructive criticism. I will ask for clarification on any issues I do not understand, or am having difficulty adjusting for and implementing in my subsequent assignments as well as my final presentation.

I will compose and complete a research plan with my group, to the best of my ability, and it will include all required elements.

If I fail to abide by these directives, I understand that my right to participate in the program is jeopardized and that I may be expelled from the program without a refund.

How did you hear about us?

student name:


program overview


Please visit for complete and updated information.

visit Caltech Official Website for more information:

visit CSA@Caltech (Community Science Academy) course information:

application requirement
• ages 13-18 (High School students, including rising Freshman in University)
• online application
• stringent English interview required
• eligibility determined by Caltech registration partner - IEG Global Corporation (IEG)
• please visit for application information

program summary
small class size: 30 students
• learn engineering skills associated with building their own scientific instruments
• make extensive use of tablet-based learning software

curriculum: for High school and rising University students who are interested in learning core science and engineering concepts and research skills from university researchers. Students will gain hands-on experience utilizing DIY instrumentation and collaborative software to perform experiments and build projects in areas relevant to community needs, including agriculture, environment, and urban planning (environmental science and unmanned aerial vehicle focused):


nuts and bolts
program fee includes:
• lecture tuition
• registration fee
• travel and health insurance fee
• course reading materials
• lab fees
• graduation dinner at the Athenaeum
• lodging (2 students per room) at Caltech University dormitories
• 24 hours chaperon service (provided by IEG or Caltech students)
• meals (3 meals per day), breakfast and lunch at Caltech dining hall; dinner will be flexible
• group airport pick-up to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Caltech
• campus tour
• various Los Angeles City tour and museums during the weekend and weekdays

detailed class schedule

Week 1 - Soil and Water Quality, utilizing interactive activities and lessons on:
- Element cycles in the ecosystem (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium)
- Spectroscopy
- Color vision and color mixing
- Building a colorimeter
- Beer's Law
- Serial dilution and effective range
- Standard curves
- Measuring the dye content of Kool-Aid
- Measuring concentrations of ammonia and iron in water
- Humanities: formulating questions, organizing ideas into a story, creating a persuasive argument, creating a job description, creating a cover letter

Week 2 - Remote Sensing, utilizing interactive hands-on activities:
- Examining aeronautics and the physics of flight
- Designing and building a radio-controlled airborne platform
- Attaching cameras for multispectral imaging; sensors for chemical and/or particulate detection; a global positioning system; and data recording module
- Utilizing this system to perform environmental surveys in our neighborhood
- Humanities: improvisational comedy, presidential ambitions and final debate


key takeaways

• Caltech full time faculty teachings and Professor speaker series throughout the entire 2 weeks
• learn engineering skills associated with building their own scientific instruments
• experience 100% Caltech teaching cultures and lab environment
• official Caltech certificate of completion
• letter of recommendation from Caltech teaching faculty that can be included in college and graduate school application package


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Parents and Students
家長與學生 / 家长与学生
Education Partners
教育機構 / 教育机构