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Columbia University, Columbia Business School's Venture For All® Program > CBS Advanced Venture For All® (Japan) deadline in:

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program dates: 9:00-17:00 on March 21st-22nd, and March 28th-29th, 2015
program location: Tokyo, Japan
application deadlines and submission: February 15th, 2015
applications open: immediately
class size: 40

application process: applications will be reviewed on a rolling admissions basis (i.e. the sooner you submit your application the sooner it will be reviewed and an admissions decision will be made.

online application submission => phone interview => decision e-mailed out => Agreement signed and sent back => submit payment => registration complete

note: all admitted students will need to go through an interview

first name:

last name:

birthday (MM/DD/YYYY):


phone: cell



current school / company name:

school / company location:

current grade (not applicable to non-students):

proposed product/service:

(you do not necessary need to have a business concept or product idea; write N/A if this is the case)

current venture name:

(again, write N/A if you do not yet have a venture idea)

emergency contact information:

parent/guardian name (not applicable to candidates above 18 years old):

phone number: day


statement of interest & biography:

statement of interest & commitment to the program

Please use 100-300 words to state your goals in the next six months and why the Venture For All® program is critical to you at this time. Why do you want to participate in the Venture For All® program? What do you hope to achieve through the program; are you committed to completing the program?


100-300 word summation of your educational and professional ambitions. What do you hope to study in college or graduate school? Have you had any ideas for a new business, or have you recognized any opportunities for a new product/service/technology? If so, please describe them in brief.

participant survey:

Please respond to the following questions to the best of your ability. Participants are not chosen on the basis of the status or completion of their business plan and operations, so if a section does not apply or you have not yet undertaken it, instead include your plans for completing it. Aim to include 100-150 words per question.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Describe your commitment to entrepreneurship. have you ever thought of starting your own business, if so, for how long? What do you think you need to learn or know to be successful?

Describe your entrepreneurial skills: why do you want to be an entrepreneur, what entrepreneurial skills and professional/educational experience do you have, and how do you intend to achieve your entrepreneurial potential?

What does globalization and the internationalization mean to you? Would you like to study international business dynamics? Are you interested in attending a foreign university, or studying abroad? Do you hope to work for a company with an international reach, or would you prefer to stay domestically?

optional questions:

Do not worry if these do not apply to you, they are not required and are not factored into participant selection. They are asked so that instructors can have an idea of students’ business concepts prior to the start of class.

What opportunity have you identified, and why have you chosen to exploit it? Provide a brief description of your solution (your technology/product/service). What problem does your product, service or technology solve? How does your product, service or technology provide a solution to the problem?

Who will pay for this solution? i.e. who is your consumer? What is the growth in consumer demand and the relevant market and industry?

Have you formally embarked upon the venture planning process? Do you have a written business concept, feasibility analysis, business model, or business plan? If not, do you hope to do so through the Venture For All® program?

participant oaths:

Initial after each stipulation, on the line provided, and hit submit at the end.

If I am accepted into and enrolled in the Advanced Venture For All® program (Japan):

I understand that I am required to participate in all ways and in accordance with the expectations listed in the program guide, and that I must attend all classes and required coaching sessions.

I will attend all additionally required course components and web events, such as the Pre-Program Orientation and the Pitch Fest, or any other mandatory activities.

I will keep up with the reading assignments, venture journals, and deliverables and will submit all materials by the due date listed in the detailed program offering.

I will reflect instructors' and coaches' commentary, feedback, and suggestions from all qualitative and quantitative analyses of my work in my final business plan, and be open to constructive criticism. I will ask for clarification on any issues I do not understand, or am having difficulty adjusting for and implementing in my subsequent assignments as well as my final business plan.

I will compose and complete a business plan for my venture, to the best of my ability, and it will include all required elements.

As a lifelong member of the Columbia Business School Venture For All community, I adhere to the principles of TRUTH, INTEGRITY, and RESPECT. I will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. If I fail to abide by these directives, I understand that my right to participate in the program is jeopardized and that I may be expelled from the program without a refund.

How did you hear about us?

student name:




世界的有名大学による起業プログラム開催(class: CBSAVFAJPS16)。世界屈指のコロンビアビジネススクールによる起業プログラム「Venture For All®」の開催です!日本語での初開催を記念し、特別価格によるご提供です。

*コロンビアビジネススクールはFinancial Times 2014年版ビジネススクールランキングで第5位。


• 6月4日 (土) 10:00-18:00(クラスルーム並びにオンライン両方にて)
• 6月8日~7月27日までの毎週水曜日20:00~22:00(オンラインにて)
• 7月31日(日)10:00-15:00(クラスルーム及びオンライン両方にて)

40名 (10名に満たない場合、実施を見送る場合があります)

• クラスルーム:山形県酒田市東北公益文科大学 (6月4日, 7月31日)
• オンライン:上記及び上記以外の日程

• プログラム全日程に参加可能なこと
• 申込時の設問に回答すること
• インターネットへの接続環境が確保できること
• PC、タブレット、スマートフォン等ブラウザを立ち上げることができる端末を準備できること




定員: 40名 (20名に満たない場合、実施を見送る場合があります)

費用: 社会人:定価20万円=>特別価格7.2万円、 学生:定価18万円=>5.8万円
1. プログラム全ての日程に参加意思があること(チームでの課題があるため、全日程参加することが前提
2. 申込時の設問に回答すること
3. 面接試験に合格すること(コロンビアビジネススクールによるプログラム参加適性検査、英語力検査)
4. インターネットへの接続環境が確保できること
5. PC、タブレット、スマートフォン等ブラウザを立ち上げることができるデバイスを準備できること

主催: コロンビアビジネススクールVenture For All® Program事務局、IEG Global Corporation*
申込方法: info@ivyedugrp.orgまで「6月Venture For All」と件名に明記の上、参加ご希望の旨ご連絡ください。申し込み方法を返信させていただきます。

*IEG Global Corporationとは、米国のトップ大学院と提携し、教育プログラムを提供するNOP法人です(501 (c) (3) non-profit registered in Delaware, USA)

course instructors (varies)

平尾 清(ひらお きよし)
主な経歴:山形大卒、日本IBM, ゼネラルエレクトリック(GE)を経て、現在東北公益文科大、青山学院大教授

菅生 達仁(すがおい たつひと)

南谷 克実(みたみたに かつみ)

    CBS Venture For All® at NYC Summer and Winter Program (high school and college level)

    Caltech CSA Summer and Winter Program

    Stanford University Science Program/School of Medicine Internship Program

    Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Experiential Learning Program

Parents and Students
家長與學生 / 家长与学生
Education Partners
教育機構 / 教育机构