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At IEG, we help our students build up their education, careers, even life. Education is a serious job and we are dedicated to operate at the highest professional standards.

Integrity - integrity is an essential component of life at IEG. It is how we conduct ourselves and how we do our jobs.

Innovation - it means trying to find new and better ways of doing things, making meaningful impacts in the society.

Philanthropic - IEG is founded with one mission, to make an impact via education. If you have never volunteered or given back to the society in any way (which we believe would be hard), then we wouldn't recommend you to apply. Let us give you a hint, our first interviewing question will be "tell us about your most recent philanthropic act".

Leadership & Training - we hire sublime individuals and invest in their growth as we do with our students. We invest in your education and give you the opportunities to work with intelligent and dedicated people where you could challenge yourself and grow with us.



Chaperon for Harvard SEAS - July 19th to August 1st, 2015 (immediate opening)

- provide 24-hour care for 5-10 students participating the Harvard University's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Experiential Summer Program for Summer of 2015
- ensure student safety and provide daily curfew check
- bring students to participate in weekend Boston city touring activities (free and fee based)
- free to join the Harvard SEAS ESP throughout these 10 days
- interact directly with various Professors, Directors, and the Executive Dean at Harvard SEAS

you need to:
- be passionate at taking care of high school and college level students
- be able to provide guidance and be familiar with the Boston city area
- have the ability to communicate thoroughly and effectively with others
- be a self starter


Assistant to Program Director

- assist Program Director in developing official short-term programs with top universities across the globe
- plan and implement recreational activities for students
- supervise students outside of the classroom (including evening supervision, enforcing lights out, walking students to classes etc.)
- assist administrative duties based on the needs of the Director. Examples of administrative tasks include returning parent phone calls, running errands, copying/filing, fulfilling instructor supply requests and being on-call and willing to help out wherever help is required
- the position is an optimal starting point for any individual eventually interested in filling the Program Director position

you need to:
- be good at English communication skills
- be a person with high sense of customer service and interpersonal skills
- have patience and able to work independently
- be a good team player



Study Abroad Manager

- provide students with study abroad information; need to be very sensitive and understand each individual student's various needs
- challenge, influence and motivate students to deliver outstanding performance
- actively promote IEG’s commitment to integrity, responsibility, and excellence

you need to:
- have a Bachelor's Degree or above, with overseas study background
- have good English communication skills
- have high sense of customer service and interpersonal skills
- have strong commitment to quality
- be optimistic, and enjoy working under pressure in a fast paced environment


Assistant to Managing Director

- solely responsible for managing MD's convoluted appointments and strategic plans
- take and relay accurate and timely messages from telephone callers, and answer queries where possible
- co-ordinate MD's travel in conjunction with in-house travel group
- good amount of research, media relations and promotional work
- undertake any other duties as requested by the MD

you need to:
- have a Bachelor's Degree or above
- have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
- be willingness to work in a multicultural environment
- have proven ability to work under pressure and under tight deadlines
- be bright, confident, and highly personable
- be flexible and mature approach with ability to work unsupervised
- be willing to travel internationally


    To apply to a job at IEG,

    please send your resume and a cover letter to:

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